rev· el /ˈre-vəl / verb: to find delight or take satisfaction in; celebrate
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Our Mission

We celebrate the importance of human connection and revel in matching talented hospitality staff with local employers.

You will never be just a number in our system or another “warm body” to fill a position. Everything we do at Revel is powered by human connections. From getting to know employees personally, to being physically present onsite, our approach is all about helping employees and employers find the perfect position or make the best hire.

Why Us?

With a focus on hospitality staffing and a passion for human connection, Revel is uniquely positioned to connect servers, bussers, barbacks, cooks, and event staff with local employers. Although we have the resources and technical adeptness of a national brand, we are focused on local communities. You can count on us to be onsite to greet workers and to be available before, during, and after events. We’re ready to help if you’re short-staffed and ready to celebrate your success after a job well done.

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Unlike many staffing firms, we focus exclusively on hospitality staffing. Our team’s combined years of experience gives us unique insight into the industry.

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We live and work in the communities we serve. Our familiarity with the local hospitality scene means we can make higher-quality connections between employees and employers.